Time Out with Doctor Whooves


Bad news. PegasusBrill’s computer was recently broken.

The good news is it looks like the files can be saved, the bad news is, the computer can’t.

As the main sound director, Tick Tock’s voice, and the one in charge of editing together Jot’s Journal, this is a REALLY heavy blow on the project as a whole and we’re all under hard times right now for funding.

If anyone wants to help, there is a donation button on our main page.

You can also help by purchasing any one of our original soundtracks, it’s a minimum of 1$ but you can name your price.


We want to be able to replace his computer ASAP and get those files rescued from the broken one. (When we say broken we mean the screen is caved in and wont display half of it and it makes loud noises broken)

Thank you, and if you can’t donate, at least give a signal boost! We would all be incredibly grateful!

((Written by: Joey Waggoner

Guest Artist:  DreamofSerenityArtz))

((And with that we wrap up this month of guest artist posts. Thanks to everyone to participated.))

((Written by: Joey Waggoner
Guest Artist:  Ask-CandleFlair))

((Written by: Joey Waggoner

Guest Artist:  Ask-CandleFlair))

((Written by: Joey Waggoner

Guest artist: DiscordedHarkness))



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Just a reminder that commissions are open.

((Written by: Joey Waggoner

Guest artist: Taritoons

Special cameo by Patreon backer SliverMist))

((Written by: Joey Waggoner and Jitterbug Jive

Guest artist: A-random-mod ))

Quick little update about the Guest Artist run

Mod: Unfortunately SomewhatEvil recently dropped out as a guest artist, but luckily A-random-mod has offered to take his spot.

Here’s a sample of his artwork.


That will be all for now.

((Written by: Joey Waggoner

Guest artist: Kaylablogasks))

Guest Artists announced

Mod: First of all I want to thank everyone who submitted their artwork, there were so many good ones it was hard to choose which ones got to draw the posts. That being said, here are the artists I’ve chosen.

1. shadowsgryphon

2. SomewhatEvil

3. askbuttercheese

4. DiscordedHarkness

5. Ask-CandleFlair

6. DreamofSerenityArtz

Once again, thanks to everyone who submitted their artwork. Congratulations to those who got chosen and for those who didn’t hopefully you’ll have better luck next time.